Studio Frankie is the young beautiful fashion baby of this two high school friends Aurie & Caro. Despite our professions being polar opposites, we are anything but. We are both in love with fashion, traveling and good food. We love to spend our money and make impulsive decisions. This combination brings us to the idea to plunder our bank accounts and invest in our own webshop. We wanted to escape the daily grind, but it also made us dream, think and float…

We knew immediately that our collection had to be feminine and sustainable. These initials are hidden in our name « Studio Frankie » .

We can best describe Frankie as an independent woman who’s looking basic, without being basic at all. She likes to look feminine, wearing her clothes with confident, yet daringly combined, or added with some color or glitter to make every outfit yours.

We invest in brands that value sustainability. We also take sustainability into account when packaging by using recycled materials.

Every piece of our ready-to-wear collections are a combination of quality material and a unique design, with attention to details. We aspire to refine daily life by creating easy going and laid-back pieces that give you an understated elegance.

We want to thank you for your support to shop small. 😊

Big love,

Studio Frankie